AnaBIOsis was established in 2001 to provide new solutions to the medical community through smart pharmaceutical forms, thus covering a large gap in the pharmaceutical market.

With commitment to our goal and careful planning, anaBIOsis is constantly on the rise and is gaining the trust of physicians by providing quality and effective formulations that are produced and packaged in European countries.

Today, anaBIOsis represents and works with recognized multinational pharmaceutical companies, providing original and generic formulations in the area of Anesthesiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Urology and Psychiatry.


2001-2004: - Respiratory devices - specializing in sleep disorder clinics
2003-2007: - Collaboration with Abbott Hellas
- Prosure (nutritional product for cancer patients)
- Alitraq (product for patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction and malabsorption)
2007-2013: - Exclusive representative for Greece and Cyprus for multinational companies with original formulations:
- ProStrakan
- Pinnacle Biologics
2007-today: - Collaboration with international companies of generics products
- Medis
2014-today: - KYOWA KIRIN International

Our Vision

With respect for patients and Healthcare Professionals,
the goal and vision of anaBIOsis is to offer new solutions
through innovative medicines and smart pharmaceutical forms,
thus covering important therapeutic gaps in the pharmaceutical market.

With commitment to our goal and careful planning, anaBIOsis has a steady ascending course, delivering quality and effective formulations.
The people of anaBIOsis are determined to continue offering solutions that will substantially contribute improving the quality of life of Greek patients and are proud of their contribution to healthcare to date.


Quality Policy

The aim of anaBIOsis company is to continuously provide new therapeutic solutions to the medical community, offering quality and effective formulations and smart pharmaceutical forms, thereby helping to improve patient quality of life and treatment compliance.

The Company’s Management is committed to the continuous monitoring of scientific and regulatory developments as well as the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.

The company’s goal is to:
Provide high-quality formulations to the medical community
Strictly adhere to the national and European regulatory frameworks
Offer continuous staff training
Provide an excellent work environment for employees that enables their continued growth

Corporate Social Responsibility

AnaBIOsis, recognizing the difficult social conditions of our times, is determined to help overcome them by its actions. We believe that we have this responsibility since we are active within the community, influencing and being influenced by the circumstances of our times and field of action.

We must acknowledge our responsibility towards society and the environment and respect the values that characterize our civilization.

Thus, recognizing the importance of respect for humanity and human dignity, anaBIOsis supports the work of SOS Children’s Villages and the World Ark.

Also, in the context of the critical situation for the country as well as given the need for additional hospital equipment to combat the spread of COVID-19 and in order to protect health officials, anaBIOsis, made a significant donation of materials to the Ministry of Health.

Disclosure of Benefits

The Disclosure Code has been established to define and provide a framework for the cooperation between pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals; it is a step towards enhanced transparency and trust between the pharmaceutical industry, the medical community, and the civil society throughout Europe.
The Disclosure Code includes the disclosure of the benefits provided by the pharmaceutical industry to HCPs and SHBs and provides for the detailed disclosure of the amount and nature of these grants.

The EFPIA Code The SFEE Disclosure Code

AnaBIOsis fully supports the strengthening of transparency in the relations between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals as well as scientific healthcare bodies, thereby ensuring compliance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code, the SFEE Code of Conduct and the local legislation (Article 66 (7) 4136 / 2014 Government Gazette A270 / 24.12.2014).

 Related Government Gazette A270 / 24.12.2014

The information disclosed includes transfers of value to healthcare professionals and scientific healthcare bodies regarding the following categories:

Categories Transfer of value
Healthcare Professionals Scientific Healthcare Bodies
Donations and Sponsorships Payment in kind or in cash
Events Registration cost, Travel and Accommodation Expenses
Advisory and other services Fees for scientific-medical advisory, educational and other services
Research & Development Remunerations, Travel & accommodation expenses and any other related expenses covered and associated with this service

Reporting period: Each report covers the transfers of value occurring in one calendar year and disclosed in the next year. For example, the first report to be published in June 2016 covers the transfers of value in 2015.